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Monday, December 5, 2022

USD to PKR TODAY Exchange Rate

 The prices of currency exchange or forex  rates Pakistan for today are as follows:

Currency exchange or forex  rates in Pakistan today

Today on this days of Wednesday July  19, 2023 -10AM  
USD to PKR buying exchange rate 1 USD to PKR Rs 278.60 as per Pakistan Open Market 1 USD to PKR selling rate is Rs 281.90 in the banks as inter bank exchange rate today.
state bank of Pakistan Dollar exchange rate are same for  today

Last Day Difference: +.1.7
Last Month Difference: 23
Last Year Difference: 100

New rates will ve uploaded on Monday when the trading market will be opening if today is Saturday or Sunday 🔜. As there is no business at the weekend.
USD to PKR Exchange rate today 

پاکستان میں آج کرنسی ایکسچینج یا فاریکس

 کی قیمتیں درج ذیل ہیں۔   

فروخت - Selling


Currency -کرنسی۔

Rs. 556.80

Rs. 555.80

1 BHD to pkr بحرین دینار

Rs. 147.20

Rs. 146.50

1 Aud to pkr آسٹریلیائی ڈالر۔

Rs. 161.10

Rs. 160.50

CAD to pkr کینیڈین ڈالر۔

Rs. 31.65

Rs. 31. 50 

1 Chinese to pkr چین یوآن۔

Rs. 26.64

Rs. 26.34

1 DKK to pkr ڈینش کرون۔

Rs. 221

Rs. 220

1 Euro to pkr یورو

Rs. 26.90 

Rs. 26.68

1 HKD to pkrہانگ کانگ ڈالر۔

Rs. 2.79

Rs. 2.69

ہندوستانی روپی

Rs. 1.57

Rs. 1.56

JYP to pkr جاپانی ین۔

Rs. 684.10

Rs. 683.50

1KWD to pkr کویتی دینار۔

Rs. 47.90

Rs. 47.50

1 MYR to pkr ملائیشین رنگٹ

Rs. 134.15

Rs. 133.50

  1 NZD to pkr نیوزی لینڈ $

Rs. 21.50

Rs. 21.25

 1 NOK to pkr ناروے کے کرون۔

Rs. 545

Rs. 544

1 Omani to pkr عمانی ریال۔

Rs. 57.90

Rs. 57.61

1 Qatri to pkrقطری ریال۔

Rs. 55.99

Rs. 55.90

1 SAR to pkr سعودی ریال۔

Rs. 152

Rs. 151

1 SGD to pkr سنگاپور ڈالر۔

Rs. 20.63

Rs. 20.62

1 SEK to PKR سویڈش کورونا

Rs. 217.10

Rs. 216.50

Swiss to pkr سوئس فرانس

Rs. 5.99

Rs. 5.94

THB to pkr تھائی بھٹ۔

Rs. 57.20

Rs. 57.10

AED to pkr درہم

Rs. 257

Rs. 256.35

1Uk to PKR یوکے پاؤنڈ سٹرلنگ۔

Rs. 202.70

Rs. 202.50

 1 US to pkr امریکی ڈالر


USD to PKR interbank Rate

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